Should you hire a wedding videographer as well and a wedding photographer?

Should you hire a wedding videographer alongside a wedding photographer? This is a great question and one that I’ve seen come up in a lot of discussions between couples!

They don’t compete against each other, they compliment each other. 

Think of it this way. Once the wedding is over, you’re going to be so excited to reminisce and see your wonderful memories to look back at for years to come. The food will get eaten, the flowers will fade and your gorgeous dress or suit will get put back in the zipper never to be seen again.

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So why shouldn’t you get a wedding videographer too?  

Your wedding video will become an additional memory for you to cherish alongside your photographs and may even be the thing you end up re-watching again and again because it just brings everything back. The smiles, the laughter and even the loved ones that may no longer be with us.

One of the biggest regrets a Bride or Groom has had is that they didn’t hire a wedding videographer. 

Remember, once the day is over there’s no going back. Well, unless you re-marry but that’s expensive! One of the biggest regrets a Bride or Groom can have is that they didn’t hire a wedding videographer. In almost all articles online about wedding regrets, this is commonly one of the top things that are listed. Take a look at blogs on Hitched, Bride and Easy Weddings for more details on this.

But my point is, yes. You absolutely should hire a wedding videographer alongside your wedding photographer if you want more memories and memories that can come to life.

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What about a wedding photographer that is offering video highlights? 

Unless you are booking a photo/video combo package (like this one here) with 2 shooters, this info might be important if you’re unsure on the difference! I recently shared the differences in a recent Tik Tok video, which you can find here.

Wedding Photographers prioritise taking photos. 

These days, there are incredible mirrorless cameras out there that are multifunctional and can switch from photography to video at a touch of a button (and fiddling with a few settings.) So now we are seeing more and more photographers starting to include a video highlights with their photography packages. This is a great little add on if you’re on a budget and maybe aren’t too fussed about having a full length video.

However there are some major differences in case you might think you’re getting 2 for the price of 1. Sadly that won’t be the case.

Wedding photographers will usually be prioritising taking photos on the day and so the important moments like the first kiss, confetti or cake cutting will be photographed, not videoed. No photographer is super human enough to be able to switch from photo to video in the same instant. It takes a minute or so to switch over and get the settings right. But the video will have little moments from the day including details, guests and the couple. Maybe some snippets of the ceremony and speeches too.

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Hiring a separate videographer means you can have the entire day captured on video. 

A separate videographer to your wedding photographer is solely focussed on videoing your day and will be there for every important moment. You’ll also usually receive a longer video at the end – commonly called a feature film or a short film as opposed to a highlights clip. So will you first kiss, confetti and cake cutting be captured? Yes they will! And all the amazing bits in between that you might miss.

You may even get the chance to get the full ceremony and full speeches too with a videographer as they usually work with more than 1 camera so they can have different angles.

So have I convinced you?

If you need any information on my wedding video packages please follow this link and you can see what they include if you book me 🙂

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