Wedding Videography Hampshire - What are the new wedding guidelines?

Well, it’s no lie this year is a write off for normal weddings, what with the government changing their mind like our good old British Summer weather and changing the wedding guidelines. I never thought we’d be in this situation, but we are. 

So what are the new wedding guidelines? 

We knew that wedding ceremonies could go ahead with a maximum number of 30 people, including wedding suppliers and officiants as long as social distancing is adhered to and it takes place in a Covid-19 secure environment. But Boris announced from the 15th August wedding receptions could go ahead with a maximum of 30 people, again including wedding suppliers but not catering or venue staff. This is an amazing step forward for the wedding industry and I know it has been a tough old slog these past few months for all my couples and wedding supplier friends. I hate saying “we’re all in the same boat” because we’re not and every one of us affected have had our own personal experiences over this difficult time. But, I know with this news that we will all be a little relieved that the wedding sector is finally getting heard. It’s a small step, but we can only look ahead now surely. 

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What will these guidelines mean for your wedding? 

If you have been planning your wedding to take place in the next few weeks, then it may look a little different to how you envisioned. Most of my couples have now moved their wedding into 2021 with no problems on my end and I’m really hopeful we can celebrate properly next year – with Covid well and truly absent from everyone’s minds! 

If your wedding is taking place fairly soon, then the day will need to adhere to the new guidelines with an intimate ceremony and reception; not forgetting your suppliers like myself and your photographer need to be included in the numbers! 

The day will be shorter as the evening part of the day wouldn’t be permitted. Dancing isn’t allowed (booooooo) so unfortunately you can’t have your evening party with your band or DJ. Why not book the party for the future? 

I personally love an intimate wedding. Your most special people are there for you both and it’s a great way to start off your married life together with a lovely intimate meal at a local restaurant or pub. Or perhaps your venue caterers can reduce their service for fewer guests? Remember though, it is a tricky time for your wedding suppliers so always be understanding and patient with them with these kind of changes. 

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When will normal weddings return? 

This is a question I think about all the time. No-one knows the answer to this unfortunately and the government don’t help when they change their mind on their own guidelines. I’m hoping that won’t happen again, but it’s made me realise how quickly situations can change during this time and who knows when another country lockdown is round the corner. So we’ve all got to do our bit and be safe. 

It’s a difficult time for everyone and we’re all fighting a different battle. Remember that your wedding suppliers have lost their year’s worth of income now that summer is coming to an end. We are all normal human beings trying to pay our rent or mortgage and trying to feed our family behind the scenes of our small businesses. Out of the 99% of lovely couples we deal with, its the 1% not so nice that stay with us and keep us up at night. So I ask you all to continue being kind and we’ll continue to help you have the best day you deserve! 

If you’re planning an intimate wedding this year or next I’d love to know more! 

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