How far in advance should I book my wedding videographer?

How far in advance should you book your wedding videographer and the other important suppliers? Keep reading below to get some important tips when planning your wedding!

So you’ve just got engaged? Congratulations! Now you’ll probably be entering the wedding planning territory with a mixture of emotions – excitement, nervousness and maybe a little bit of overwhelm. The first thing you might want to do it think about the time of year you want to get married as well as starting to look at venues. But when should you start booking other suppliers, including a wedding videographer?

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It’s no lie that the wedding industry has many incredible wedding suppliers in the UK that get booked up fast.  

There are many many amazing wedding suppliers in the UK and beyond and it can be incredibly overwhelming with so many to choose from. But, there are also many people that get engaged on a yearly basis. Christmas and Valentines seem to be the most popular times to get engaged. So that means those people are also going to be searching for wedding suppliers’ availability.

According to the Gov website, there were 219,850 marriages in England and Wales in 2019. That is a lot of people that had a wedding to organise!

If you are choosing a Saturday in the Summer, you might want to act fast in booking your videographer. 

So you’ve picked a date and a venue for the big day! Amazing stuff! The most important part is done and a wedding is happening! If the date is on a Saturday or even a Friday or Sunday too (and even a bank holiday date might I add!) then you might want to act fast in terms of sorting your other wedding suppliers.

Most good wedding videographers get booked up a year in advance. 

Arguably, the most important wedding suppliers to get ticked off your list first, before you’ve even thought of a guest list, would be your wedding photographer and wedding videographer. There are other things that are of course important, but photographers and videographers are two of the most important wedding suppliers as they will be the ones to create wedding memories that’ll last forever. Most good wedding photographers and videographers get booked up very far in advance, usually 1 year or more, so don’t leave this too late.

If your wedding is less than a year away and you’ve now got the budget for a wedding videographer, is this too late?  

In short no. It’s never too late to ask the question! Some videographers may still be available or may have had a cancellation, although this is extremely rare. Some videographers that have a certain style may hold certain dates open for enquiries that suit their branding and style much more.

I take on 40 weddings per year, but I keep my diary open in case I get some later enquiries that fit my style perfectly and are too amazing to say no to. The latest I’ve ever accepted a booking was 2 weeks away from their big day, so it happens. But if there is someone’s work you absolutely love, it isn’t worth the risk. Book them as early as possible.

If you want to see if I’m available for your big day, get in touch!

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