About Musk Wedding Films

Musk Wedding Films was established in 2017 and is committed to creating artistic, visual records of customers’ wedding days and/or corporate events. The focus of Musk Wedding Films enables customers to confidently communicate with founder Natasha Musk to exchange important details and ideas of their wedding day/event so that Natasha can carry out the required job effectively and efficiently. You can find contact details at the last section of this policy.


At Musk Wedding Films, your privacy is important to us. We process personal data in only one context and we do so by fully respecting your privacy and your other rights and freedoms. This Global Data Privacy Policy (“Policy”) sets forth the principles that govern our treatment of personal data across small businesses within the EU. All second shooters and those with whom we share personal data must adhere to this Policy. Musk Wedding Films is committed to protecting the information that our employees, clients and suppliers have entrusted to us. We collect and use personal data in order to perform our business functions and provide quality videography and photography services to our customers. Consistent with our values, we treat any personal data that we obtain in accordance with the data privacy principles of transparency, purpose limitation, data minimisation, data quality, integrity and confidentiality, accountability, and privacy by design. This Policy applies to all personal data in any format or medium, relating to all employees, clients and suppliers.

Types of personal data we collect and use

We recognise personal data as any information related to an identified or identifiable individual. Depending on the context of your interactions with Musk Wedding Films, we collect and use different types of personal data from second shooters, contractors, clients, prospect clients and suppliers.

Types of personal data we collect from:

• Second shooters and contractors: including contact information.

• Clients: including name, contact information for communication leading up to and after the wedding/event, address for posting paid-for products, language, signature and photographic or video images from authorised equipment of Musk Wedding Films and the second shooter.

• Prospect clients: including name and contact information.

• Guests of clients at their wedding/event: photographic or video images from authorised equipment of Musk Wedding Films and the second shooter.

• Suppliers: including name, tax and financial information, contact information for key personnel, language and communications.

• Website and social media users: In addition to the information visitors volunteer, we automatically collect the domain name, Internet Protocol (IP) address, browser type and version, operating system and platform, average time spent on our website, pages viewed, information searched for, access times and other relevant statistics. Our website also currently uses cookies.

Our Policy Towards Children

Our services are not directed to children, however if a video or photoshoot does contain children this is only done with the clients’ consent. If the client is not the parent or guardian of the children attending their wedding/event then it is their responsibility to obtain the parents’ consent to being photographed/videoed.

Sources of Personal Data

Musk Wedding Films receives and uses various types of personal data in order to conduct our business activities. We apply the data minimisation principle in the collection and use of personal data ensuring that we only collect information that is necessary and by fair means, and providing notice and requiring consent when necessary. Some of this data is collected directly from you in the following situations when:

• We establish a contractual relationship,

• You provide us with any type of service, as a provider or supplier.

• When we provide you with any type of service, product or support.

  • When you browse, or use our website, e-commerce services, or social media pages.

Uses and purposes of Personal Data

The purposes for which we collect and use your personal data may vary depending on the type of relationship you have with us, such as if you are one of our second shooters, clients, or a website user. Musk Wedding Films always collects and uses personal data according to the purpose limitation principle. The use of personal data for new purposes should always guarantee consistency and your privacy expectations, otherwise we will request your authorisation.

• Second shooters: If you have a commercial relationship with Musk Wedding Films, we use your personal data to develop our contractual relationship, to conduct performance evaluations and to comply with legal obligations, including tax and labor regulations.

• Clients: we use our clients’ information to maintain our commercial relationship, to ensure the proper operation of the day-to-day business, to comply with tax and other regulations, and to administering sales activities.

• Prospect clients: information from prospects clients is used to respond to their requests for information, products or services.

• Vendors and suppliers: if you have a business or professional relationship with Musk

Wedding Films, we will use your information to develop our business relationship with you, and to comply with tax and other regulations.

• Website and social media users: we collect personal data from visitors and users of our website via our contact form and social media pages. We use the information to perform the job booked for to the best of our ability. This includes addresses of shooting locations and contact information, which is vital for the businesses day to day running.

Legal Basis for Data Collection and Use

Musk Wedding Films only collects and uses personal data when there is a fair and legal basis for its use, for instance, when the collection of personal data is necessary to enter into a contract, to discuss the booked-for occasion, to comply with legal obligations or when we have your authorisation. The information we collect when we enter into a contract or business relationship with you, except if we indicate otherwise, is mandatory to develop our contractual relationship and to comply with legal obligations. For instance, some tax laws, labor, anti-fraud or compliance laws require organisations to collect certain information that may vary depending on the local regulations. Without the required mandatory information, we would not be able to work with you.

Retention Periods

Musk Wedding Films applies the storage limitation principle in order to retain personal data in our records only for the length of time required to fulfil the purpose for which the data was collected. We do not keep personal data for longer than is necessary, and what is necessary depends on specific circumstances such as regulations require retaining information for a certain period of time and limitation periods of legal claims.

Disclosures to Third Parties and Processing Activities

Currently, Musk Wedding Films does not engage in third party contractors, service providers or other vendors to help us accomplish our business objectives.


Musk Wedding Films is committed to the security, confidentiality and integrity principle. We take reasonable precautions to keep all information obtained from our online visitors secure against unauthorised access and use and we periodically review our security measures. We are committed to processing your data in a secure manner and have put in place specific technical and organisational measures to prevent the personal data we hold from being accidentally or deliberately compromised.

Your Data Protection Rights and Choices

If you reside or otherwise find yourself in the territory of Europe, Musk Wedding Films is committed to facilitate the exercise of your rights granted by the European data protection law. Otherwise you can contact us at any time to discuss your privacy concerns.

Privacy rights under the European regulation: Transparency and the right to information: we provide notice to our customers of how we use personal data in our day-to-day operations at the time of collecting personal data, or as soon thereafter as possible. We also publish this privacy notice for a greater transparency.

  • Right to access, rectification, restriction of processing, and erasure: we provide data subjects with access to their own personal data where required by applicable law. In addition, we will rectify their personal data when it is incorrect and inaccurate, and we will ensure the right to erasure and to restriction of processing when these rights are not compatible with local regulations.
  • Right to object and withdraw consent at any time: for all marketing materials, you can opt-out anytime, and free of charge. Right to data portability: based on your specific situation, we provide data subjects with the right to obtain and reuse your data across different services and includes transferring of your data to you. Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority. These requests should be submitted as follows:

• Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority: you can have the right to lodge a omplaint with the supervisory authority of your habitual residence, place of work or place of the alleged infringement.

Changes to this Notice

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Statement and related business practices at any time. We will duly inform you of any changes. Changes in this privacy policy will be notified to you as an email communication. We will give you the opportunity to express your consent for processing your data for different and new purposes, or we will in any case inform you about the legal basis of such processing otherthan consent. The time stamp you see on the policy will indicate the last date it was revised.

Contact Information

At Musk Wedding Films we are committed to apply this privacy policy and the accountability principle. For this reason, if you have any privacy concern or questions about how your personal data is used, please feel free to contact us.

If you have any concerns or questions about how your personal data is used, please contact us at: natasha@muskphotographyandfilms.com

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