Wedding Video Ideas - Postponing to a Winter Wedding.

Well this is a bit of a weird year isn’t it. People are needing to move their whole planned Spring wedding into Autumn or even next year now. When I got the call that my first wedding needed to postpone, I thought OK fair enough. Friends and family were travelling from overseas that now couldn’t make it, so I thought it must be an exceptional circumstance. Oh how wrong was I.

I have now not only had all weddings postpone/cancel in the next few weeks according to BoJo’s advice, but I’m not looking at videoing or photographing another wedding until July at the earliest and even couples from these weddings are understandably getting nervous. I am sure plenty of other wedding suppliers are in exactly the same situation as me and I also really feel gutted for all couples needing to do this for that special day they’ve been planning for so long.

For those of you that have postponed to later this year, first of all thank you! Us wedding suppliers are so grateful we can still be part of your day and will keep us busy in the later half of the year when this well and truly f**ks off! Secondly I want to show you why your wedding is still going to be frickin incredible in those months, so please don’t feel disheartened you won’t have the Spring/Summer wedding of your dreams. You will have something that is EVEN BETTER. I promise.

We have never had to deal with anything like this before and I’m pretty sure I’m going to lose my mind in the next couple of months isolating. There’s only so much Tik Tok I can take!



First of all, one of the main reasons people choose a Spring/Summer wedding is because of the weather. However, in the UK this is something that cannot be guaranteed. Fair enough it may be a bit warmer, but remember heat is not always a good thing on a wedding day when you’re wearing a wedding dress or your best suit. I know for a fact my other half would need about 4 spare shirts. Melting cakes, wasps and hayfever aren’t things people think about with a Spring/Summer wedding! So something to think about!

You can have glorious weather in the Autumn and Winter. I have shared some photos below of a wedding I photographed November 2019. It rained every day on the lead up to the day, then we were blessed with beautiful sunshine on the day. It’s not always about sunshine though. The best photos and videos are taken when it’s actually cloudy. And you know what, even if there is rain you’re still going to get incredible photographs and video footage. Trust your suppliers!

Also, a lovely little video from December 2019.

Secondly, the styling and flowers. Most of the styling you had planned for your original date can be moved straight over to your new date, so don’t worry about this element. Perhaps adding in a few more candles to create a warmer feeling amongst your guests could be an idea. The flowers may need to be changed due to the season being totally different. It’s the florist’s job to know exactly what works for each season so trust them. This is not something to panic over at all. Late Summer and Autumn blooms are to die for. If you originally had Spring blooms like daisies, freesias or tulips then why not think about having sunflowers, dahlias or even delphiniums in early Autumn. With Winter bouquets, think lush green foliage with gorgeous winter roses and berries to bring in pops of colour. I’ll leave this to the florists to convince you as they’re the experts!


And finally, lighting. This may not even be something you think about, especially when you had planned for a wedding in the earlier seasons where the daylight hangs around for a lot longer. But as you’ve guessed, it will get darker much quicker. By about 5/6pm it will be dark depending on the month. So have a think about whether you can source some cheap fairy lights or festoon lights to hang outside. Obviously, speak to your venue first to see if this is possible! They may even offer this themselves. Remember anything you bring into the venue will probably need to be PAT tested. So make sure you consult your venue first if this is something you’d like to look into. Even a little extra lighting inside can create such a warm and cosy vibe.

Fairy lights can completely transform a space and can make for some killer photos and video footage.

To summarise, this is no way shitting all over Spring and Summer weddings. Doing what I do means I am extremely lucky to be able to see weddings any time, any month and any season so I can give advice on trends and ideas on how to upheave an entire planned day to a brand new season if necessary. In this weird circumstance, I hope I have given some of you some ideas to take away!

I am gutted to be sat at home typing this, when I could actually be filming a wedding right now in this lovely sunshine, but I’m not. And I am so sad for the couple not going ahead with their wedding. I couldn’t think of anything worse right now for people needing to change their dates and contacting all their suppliers. But I do hope this blog helps some of you folk and gives you a little light at the end of the tunnel. Your wedding will happen. And it will be even better. I promise.

Love is patient.

If you have found yourself in the position of postponing your wedding and you want to talk more, please do get in touch!


Photo credits

Wedding Venues: Bury Court Barn and Farnham Castle

Dress: Suzanne Neville and Miss Bush Bridal

Caterer: Jacaranda Catering

Hair and Makeup: Carolanne Armstrong

Florist: The Big Green Leaf @the_big_green_leaf

Hair Accessory: Miss Clemmie Artisan Bridal Accessories

Shoes: Rainbow Club

Bridesmaids Dresses: Ghost

Stationary: Era Calligraphy

Decor:  Okehurst Design and Paul Simon Marquees

Band: –The Band Boutique


Video Credits

Venue: Millbridge Court

Photographers: RS Brown Photography

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