Wedding Video Ideas - 5 fun lockdown wedding ideas

We all had such high hopes for 2020 didn’t we. 2020 was THE year. The year to go on amazing bucket-list trips, the year I was finally going to get into shape for my fast approaching wedding AND my busiest year for the business since I started it 3 years ago. But bride’s are now having to postpone their beloved wedding dates and are now experiencing a lockdown wedding date. 

So here we are. Lockdown. As Akon would say, “they won’t let me out, noooooo” or The Police would say “Don’t stand, don’t stand, don’t stand so close to meee.” (I have a bunch of these I could go on and on.) 

My trips are cancelled, I’ve gained 2 stone eating my body weight in chocolate and weddings are getting postponed left, right and centre. 

For those of you that have had to postpone your wedding to next year, I hear you. It really sucks. But 2021 is YOUR year. It’s also my year 🙂

But what happens when you land on what was supposed to be your wedding day? You’re going to feel pretty down in the dumps and wish things were different and have a little moan or a cry because you’d be getting married right at that time or you’d be covered in confetti after just tying the knot. But here’s the thing. It can STILL be fun and you can still celebrate. 

I’ve put together my top 5 fun things to do in lockdown for your supposed-to-be wedding date.


1. Get all dressed up. You don’t have to wear your wedding suit or your wedding dress, especially if the dress is a surprise! But why not wear something special and get out of those everyday sweats or leggings. Make the effort. Put make up on. Try out a bridal hair style! Put flowers in your hair. Take selfies! You want to remember this day as it’s such an important time in our lives right now. On your new wedding day, you’ll look back to this and realise how much stronger you are since that day.

Gif features Grace bossing her own make up on her wedding day!

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2. Eat all the food and drink all the drink. Is either one of you a good cook? Cook an amazing 3 course meal. OR, order in. I know I’d personally be very happy with an Indian take away on my actual wedding day, but it could be a messy affair! You could even challenge yourself and try to cook your actual wedding breakfast meal yourselves! I’d definitely be making extra desserts though. Don’t forget the champagne! Or try your hand at making your own wedding day cocktail. Oh and get pissed. 

wedding breakfast, wedding meal, meat carving

3. This nicely comes into idea 3. Get pissed with your friends and family! Zoom has taken over 2020 and has allowed us to meet up with people every week from just sitting on our sofas. I know it isn’t the same as seeing them in the flesh, but it’s the chance of chatting to sooo many people at once. Ask all your friends and family to dress up and raise toasts! Ask them to make speeches for you. Share your supposed-to-be wedding date with them and don’t let them forget about it. Use it as an opportunity to remind them of your new date too!

4. Have your first dance in your living room. Play your song and do a little boogy together. I personally want to have an upbeat song for our first dance. But I’ve been told I’m not allowed to choose it because I’ve planned everything else. *cry cry* So if you have a dance routine, this is the perfect opportunity to practice and perfect it. If it’s a slow dance, just be in the moment. If it’s upbeat, HAVE FUN! 

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5. Finally, you could have a social distancing photo shoot. FaceTime/Zoom sessions are now a thing and you can ask your photographer to share your day with you and photograph you safely through the screen. Whilst the quality isn’t amazing and you do get some glare or banding, I think this is a fun way to document your day! Doorstep photos are another great way for you to get some photos of you both on this day. Whilst I’ve not personally done this due to primarily doing video, I think it could be such a fun way for you to get some lovely photos of you both outside your homes at a safe distance and again, document this special day. A little video montage of you both could also be a fun idea if you did want to involve your videographer!
Now that we’re able to meet one person outside and spend more time outside, things could start to ease a little bit more and we may even be able to do photoshoots in a public place in the near future. Have a chat with your photographer or videographer and see if they’d love to create something with you on your supposed-be-wedding date. I know I would!

So there we have it! My top 5 ideas to have fun on your supposed-to-be-wedding date. There are loads more things you could do too, like bake your own wedding cake or make your own flower bouquet. Even throw confetti over yourselves! But most importantly, enjoy it and make it a day to remember, not one that you want to forget!

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If you’ve found yourself in this horrible position of postponing your wedding and you want to talk more, please do get in touch!

Gifs featuring:

2nd gif – Catering: Kalm Kitchen for Micklefield Hall

3rd gif – Venue: Farnham Castle

4th gif – Wedding Dress: Pronovias | Venue: Cain Manor


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