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Some people may think their wedding isn’t big enough or exciting enough to have a wedding video and so therefore it would be a waste of money to them. I’ve heard this time and time again when I’ve stood at my stand at wedding fairs with a big grin on my face meeting potential clients, only for them to say something like this to me. I think some people have a certain fear over wedding videography and think it’s this high end luxury item that only suits certain weddings. Don’t get me wrong, i know it’s not everyones cup of tea and I’m not here to preach, but I’ve also had experience with really small, low key weddings as well as huge budget affairs. A wedding video can suit any type of wedding and

I’m sharing 5 of my all-time favourite moments that will really make your wedding video AH-MAZING. 

1. Your couple shoot 

If you’re having a photographer, 9 times out of 10 they’re going to take you off for a bit of alone time and capture some stunning portraits of you both after you’ve tied the knot. I absolutely love capturing these moments too and they really bring your whole wedding video together. I’m not one of those videographers that will stand directly behind or next to your photographer to capture the same shot they are. I am constantly running about looking for different angles or shooting through flowers and trees to create a cinematic film. Besides, you’re already going to have amazing photographs so I don’t want to be competing for the same angles! Golden hour on video is also stunning, so if you’re lucky enough to experience this on your day I may even suggest going out again for a couple more minutes to capture more beautiful footage of you both with the glorious lighting.

2. Confetti

Even if your wedding day is intimate with only a few guests, you can still have a confetti moment and it’ll be amazing I promise. With really large weddings, typically a confetti “tunnel” is created where the newlyweds will walk through and get blasted with huge handfuls of dried petals going absolutely wild; getting stuck in your hair, going down the top of your dress – all that fun stuff. It really is one of my favourite moments as it’s just so much fun for everyone.
But, even with a small amount of guests and gathering them around the couple to throw it, it can still be so much fun. Plus with close up lenses, you won’t even realise there’s just a few people throwing it. Don’t forget slow motion too! Confetti is the one moment I find that really creates a fun and cinematic atmosphere for your video especially slowed down.
If your venue has confetti restrictions, you can create the same feeling using bubbles! 

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3. Your guests

There’s nothing I love more than to sneak around on a wedding day capturing fly-on-the-wall shots of your guests laughing, chatting and just being silly! I think your wedding video shouldn’t just be all about you two (sorry!) but it should represent your whole day as honestly as possible. Whilst your photographer is busy capturing your formal group photos, I will be running around getting sneaky shots of your guests having a good time – all the bits that you’ll miss! Especially if you have something else fun planned for them to keep them occupied! If you’ve got garden games or even something a bit different like clay pigeon shooting (yes I’ve seen that!) this can be another fun element to your video.

4. Dancing!

This brings me onto the party! I’m a sucker for a lively party, whether you’ve got a band smashing out all the oldies or a DJ pumping out the old skool hits, I love sticking around getting some mega shots of you and your guests absolutely killing it on the dance floor. I’ve got some amazing memories of awesome parties that really do stick with me because I just have so much fun myself. These moments are just so good to look back on in your wedding video and really will make you smile when you’re watching it back.

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5. Your wedding vows/speeches

Finally, your wedding vows and your speeches are probably the most important parts to your day, but they’re also incredibly important for your wedding video with my style of video editing. I love to use on-the-day audio with my videos because it just makes them more personal to the couple. If you are creating your own personal wedding vows for your ceremony, this is literally the best thing ever for your video. It’s so much more emotive and really gets the tears rolling! They also create a really nice base for your film where you can then start to overlay shots of you both from your couple shoot that I mentioned earlier, or showing important members of your friends and family that is being spoken about. If you cry at your wedding video, I know I’ve done a good job! The example I’ve added below can show you this better than I can explain!

If you’ve been on the fence about having a wedding video due to the fact you think your wedding might not be worth having one for, then think again! Your day doesn’t need lots of extravagant details or fire breathers to be worthy of having wedding video. These simple reasons as to what I think make a great wedding video can be found in the smallest, most intimate weddings. Even if you were having an elopement for just the two of you and witnesses, a video is a way for you remember the day exactly as it was. 


If you are planning your wedding and are on the fence about a wedding video or you know you definitely want one, I’d love to hear from you! 

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